Animal Licking Salt


  • These licks are obtained from salt deposits available at the foothills of Himalayan Mountains.
  • They are highly natural and moreover, a rich source of minerals and trace elements.
  • Life and productivity of the livestock community greatly depends upon lick salt and minerals. As they play a major role in their electrolyte balance.
  • This salt comes in two forms. Firstly, a block and secondly, in loose granules
  • Colors of blocks reflect their different composition. For instance, white blocks represent sodium chloride, red blocks exhibit a mixture of salt and trace elements. While yellow blocks depict salt with sulfur.
    • Animal Himalayan Licking Salt contains 84minerals and traces that are essential for livestock. Himalayan Salt lick is 100% Natural mineral salt lick helps replace lost electrolytes and maintain good health.

ON Demand

  • Size, Shape and Weight can be produced
  • Private labels and Brand can be placed

Himalayan Salt Super Natural Form

Himalayan Licking Salt Cylinder Form

Himalayan Licking Salt Cutting and Grinding Factory View