Why Are Cattle Ear Tags Used For?

Raising cattle is definitely a rewarding activity and the benefits come in various shapes yet managing a herd of cattle successfully involves perseverance, knowledge, and specific techniques and practices. Cattle ear tags are actually part of the management system many farmers use.

If you have wondered about their role at some point and you’re still looking for an answer, this post might be of help. Check it out to learn more about cattle ear tags and their benefits.

Cattle ear tag function

Although to many people, the ear tags cows wear are just a number, to the owner of the cattle, this little piece of information is actually a shortcut to a cow’s history, body mass evolution, vaccination, birth date, bloodline, and other such characteristics.

Ear tags are used to help the livestock producer identify cows, bulls, calves, heifers, and steers and keep a record of their health history and of all the above-mentioned aspects. Such tags are used for other animals as well including sheep, goats, and rabbits.