Why Castration in Animals or Cattles ?

Types Castration in Animals or Cattles

What is A Castration in Animals or Cattles?

Castration is the method of removal or inactivation of testicles functions in male Farm animals. In Castration, A Burdizzo is very common tools used in the Beef Cattle Sector in many situations.

Reasons for Castrations in Farm animals?

There are any reasons to use the method of castration in male animals some are given below accordingly.

It is used to stop the production of male hormones and semen in beef cattle industry. To prevent unwanted mating. Decreasing aggression in animals, so a farmer or caretaker may handle the animal easily. For increase the productivity of beef in cattle. Decrease cost of managing of bulls.

What are the Types of castration in animals?

There are three types of castration in animals.

  1. Castration with Burdizzo castrator

Burdizzo castrator is very god device to stope the male animals hormones or semen without bleeding from testicles. That’s why this device is called “Bloodless Burdizzo Castrator”, Burdizzo castrator are in many sizes according to animal. For sheep goats and calves Burdizzo Castrator 9” (23cm), 12” can be used. And for other large animals burdizzo castrator 14”, 16” and 18” can be used.

                A Burdizzo crush the blood vessel and stop the blood supply to testicles. It kills the testicle.        

The Burdizzo method crushes the blood vessels, interrupts the blood supply to the testicle and thus kills the testicle. Good restraint is essential because the Burdizzo must be in place about 10 seconds to crush the artery.

Burdizoo Castrators
  • Castration with Elastic band / Elastrator Applicator

Castrator with Elastic band or Elastrator Applicator cuts off the blood supply to the line of testicles.

To kills the testicle elastrator band stops the blood to the blood vessels.

An elastrator applicator is a tool which apply the elastic band to the neck of the scrotum. The elastic band block the blood flow to the testicles and to the scrotum. After some time the testicles fall from the body by it self.

Elastrator Applicators & Rings
  • Surgical Castration / Castration with surgery

The surgical castration is the most assured method in the process of Castration. In this process surgical tools (Like Surgical Blade or Emasculator etc) are used to remove complete testicles with a small operation or surgery in animals.


The best time to surgical operation is before or after fly season. This method can be used of any age of animal. It is best we try this methods on small calves then the older or larger. Because in larger or older calves experienced usually more bleeding than the small or younger calves or heifers.

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Disadvantages of Castration in Farm Animals

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