Ruminants are our part of our life. Our basic needs are fulfilled through our farm animals, like, cattle, sheep, goats, horses, buffalos, cows, Hen, cook, ducks, and many other animals. These animals require our extensive care to live a healthy life.

In summer Bovine, Caprine, Ovine, Equine, sometimes have stomach issues and dehydrated due to sweating and hot weather. So some time an animal’ life go at risk.

Veterinary field and veterinarians give us many opportunities to take care of our farm animals. They are introducing us new products to reduce the chance of harm in Animal’s life.

Surgipharma provide complete range of veterinary instruments and equipments for livestock farmers, veterinarians, veterinary clinics, veterinary hospitals, veterinary doctors, veterinary students and practitioners’ uses.

STOMACH PUMP Bovine || How to quickly use a stomach pump to manage fluids to a dehydrated cow.

Here we will guide you about stomach pump with stomach tube, its uses and benefits.

The stomach pump has become an important tool in bovine management and care. As its name suggests, a stomach pump is a device used to extract content from the stomach of animals, including bovines. There are a number of uses for this device in bovine health care and management.

One primary use of the stomach pump is to extract gas, feed or foreign objects from the rumen of a cow, especially in cases of bloat. Bloat occurs when gas accumulates in the rumen, pushing up against the lungs and preventing the cow from breathing. The stomach pump is used to draw out the accumulated gas and alleviate the pressure, allowing the animal to breathe freely again.

The Cattle Pump with Stomach tube can use one person to pour quantities of heavy thickness material into the bovine stomach through pump. It is especially useful in crucial times, when a animal need a large amount of medicine very quickly.

How to quickly use a stomach pump to manage fluids to a dehydrated cow?

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